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HV Registration Limits are important for: Original Design Plan (Equipment Maker)Asset PerformanceIndicative for registration purposes Registration Statement is: Issued to the ownerRecorded on the Registrar’s system

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There are a range of other limits available.  The NHVR allows for: Concessional Mass Limits (CML) Higher Mass Limits (CML) Performance Based Standards (PBS). These standards all have their own specific limits for: GVM/GCMSteer AxleDrive Axle Rear...

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Where the vehicle is not going on a public road, there may be no guidance from the NHVR.  In those circumstances the “as constructed” diagram should nominate the specific limits for: GVM/GCMSteer AxleDrive Axle Rear Axle

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Review the heavy vehicle registration limits for the vehicle. These will appear on the registration plate on the door of the heavy vehicle or as published by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). These will states the specific limits for: GVM/GCMSteer AxleDrive...